Quality through traditional handcraft know-how

Finnish Guitar Works is experienced  custom guitar and bass manufacturing, service and restoration company located in Finland, Tampere. Apart the handcrafted custom instruments FGW also provides high quality handwound guitar and bass pickups.

Finnish Guitar Works business culminates to the experience of guitar building Grand Old Man Matti Nevalainen. Matti has an lifetime experience with guitar design and building. In addition with hands on combat guitar crafting Matti has been teaching a new generation of pro level guitar builders to Finland.

Practical exprecience is a gruel but good teacher. Therefore Matti is not afraid to pick up his selfmade instrument and swing a heavy blues solo out of it. Its just the practical experience Matti is relying on when he´s helping musicians of all kind with all kind of questions.

The main values of FGW company are crystalliced in these three words: Customers, handcraft and quality. Every instrument is carefully tailored to the customer specific needs. Matti himself is liable with the quality of every guitar, bass and component that leaves the FGW shop. This very reason leads to the unbeatable quality of Finnish Guitar Works products and services. We also promise our customers 10 year guarantee for the instrument and the components.

You are more than welcome to come chat with us and check out the brilliant handcrafted instruments of FGW.

Let Matti do the work and focus on the making of music!